Digital Courses Games

Concept Art for games in digital Course, "Codemonkey" company. 

In this project, I designed games that appear in a digital course called "Digital Citizenship"
in order to help students practice the material learned in the course. 
The games

The games are familiar to all of us, and we all played them when we were children.
Here are some of them: Word search, Fill the blank, Clue game.

We found a concept for each game and I had to illustrate the environment, the characters
and other elements according to the existing language of the company. I also worked on the
animation of the characters and their behavior when the player pauses, answers correctly or
answers incorrectly.
Word Search Game

The concept is a golf course, and when the player finds the right word from the word
bank, he hits the golf ball into the hole and makes the rabbit happy.
Clue Game

The concept is to match the broken cracked ice with the pieces from the word bank to
complete the sentences. When the player succeeds, he makes the seal happy.
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